Delivering Brexit and building a new path for Britain

I am campaigning for:

The fulfilment of the Leave verdict of the 2016 EU Referendum.

At the 2016 referendum, Havering voted Leave by 69 per cent and I too voted Leave as a private citizen. At the subsequent 2017 General Election, I stood on a manifesto that promised to honour the referendum result and leave the single market and customs union.

I have tried at every stage in parliamentary votes to honour those commitments in my two years as a Member of Parliament, and have directly engaged with the hundreds of constituents who have written to me ahead of key votes to explain my position on this historically important issue. I have posted all those explanations and my speeches below, and I have also led two parliamentary debates on how we can best deliver the result, prepare the UK to leave and devise a new global trading strategy.

To summarise my votes:

  • I have voted at every opportunity against the revocation or extension of Article 50, the provision of a second referendum or the UK remaining in the customs union or single market.
  • I voted against the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by the Theresa May government on all three occasions as it contained no unilateral right of exit from an agreement that effectively committed us to following the rules and regulations of the customs union and single market with no say over them. I did not feel that was compatible with the referendum result or the manifesto on which I stood.
  • I have supported Prime Minister Johnson in his efforts to renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement and I voted in support of the amended Withdrawal Agreement Bill and in support of the Government's programme motion so that it could be passed in time for the UK to leave the European Union by 31 October. I recently wrote to constituents to advise of my reasons for backing the amended Withdrawal Agreement and a copy of this letter can be found here.

The freedom to set our own independent global trading policy through my work on the International Trade Select Committee.

Through my membership of the International Trade Select Committee I scrutinise the work of the Department for International Trade and the Secretary of State. The Committee has conducted inquiries on a variety of strategically important matters as we leave the EU, including the UK's trade with the Commonwealth, developments at the World Trade Organisation and the Department's support for exports. More information on the Committee's work can be found here. I have led and contributed to debates on the UK’s international trade policy, and have engaged with the governments of Singapore, Australia, Japan, Canada, the United States and others about post-Brexit trade particularly in relation to the UK’s key services industries.

Investment in our local skills base to get more people into fulfilling work and reduce our dependence on migrant labour.

Working with Havering Sixth Form College, I have achieved campaign breakthroughs to increase per-pupil funding for post-16 education so that we can equip young people with the skills they need to access fulfilling, well-paid job opportunities. More information on my campaign for post-16 education funding and the Chancellor's announcement of the single biggest funding increase for FE and sixth form colleges since 2010 can be found here.

I have collaborated with Havering College and Transport for London over their innovative Railway Academy in Harold Hill to get UK jobseekers retrained to work on big British infrastructure projects. We showcased the Academy to the Transport Secretary after inviting him to visit Havering, and also promoted Havering’s bid for a Heathrow logistics hub on brownfield land in the south of the borough.

My team is currently making arrangements for a Jobs Fair to be hosted in Hornchurch on 21 November, to which jobseekers from the constituency will be invited to meet with employers in the region to discuss employment and training opportunities.

A new strategy for our region that links the ports, transport hubs and logistics parks of the Thames Estuary and Eastern London to make the most of new global trading opportunities. 

I successfully lobbied government for a coordinated development plan for the Thames Estuary region covering North Kent, South Essex and East London so that we can maximise the opportunities for residents from economic development, particularly when it comes to jobs, skills, quality of life and revived green spaces.

Government has now announced a new Thames Estuary strategic board and ministerial champion for the region that can drive forward ambitious housing and infrastructure deals, improvements to the strategic road network, a regional industrial and skills strategy and a new Great Thames Park. My team and I hope to drive this work forward should I be re-elected on 12 December.

I supported Havering Council's bid for a Heathrow logistics hub which would transform vast brownfield sites next to the constituency into a centre of modern industry and logistics.

Support to local businesses who have not yet considered exporting or who would like assistance in expanding into new markets.

We held an Export Hub road show event at Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch, for local businesses looking to export. The event was attended by the Trade Secretary and his team and brought together experts on export finance, local business advisers and banks to give Havering businesses advice on how to expand into growing markets. More information on this event can be found here. My team and I hope to host further export advice events in the New Year.




Agriculture and Trade Bills

Over the past few weeks a lot of constituents have been in touch with us about the Agriculture and Trade Bills currently passing through parliament. You can learn more about both crucial pieces of legislation and their progress through the Houses of Parliament by clicking:

Trade Bill

Brexit Update - 'Super Saturday' Votes

Julia Lopez MP sent the following reply to those constituents who emailed her about critical votes during the Saturday sitting of the House of Commons on 19 October 2019. 

18 October 2019

Dear Resident,

UK Trade & Investment Strategy

Today I led a parliamentary debate on the UK's Trade & Investment Strategy that was answered by Investment Minister, Graham Stuart MP. Once Hansard is published, I shall post the Minister's reply to some of the issues I raised.

Training Scheme launched to find UK's future trade experts

Today International Trade Secretary, Dr Liam Fox MP, launched the world’s first international trade training scheme to grow the UK’s talent pool of future negotiators, policy makers and HM Trade Commissioners.

Priti Patel joins Emerson Park summer celebration

This afternoon we welcomed former International Development Secretary, Priti Patel MP, to the constituency to join our summer celebration in Emerson Park. Priti spoke to local guests about politics, Brexit and the path ahead for our country ahead of 31 October. 


UK's Relationship with China

I made the following contribution to a debate on the UK's relationship with China, which was tabled by Aldershot MP, Leo Docherty. Unfortunately I was called last to speak so had to cut my comments to five minutes.

Future International Trade Opportunities

I made the following contribution to a debate tabled by Conservative MP, Craig Tracey, on future trading opportunities for the UK.

Julia Lopez Conservative, Hornchurch and Upminster  4:56 pm, 1st May 2019