Accessible transport

This morning I attended the ‘Accessible Transport for All’ event at the Romford YMCA on Rush Green Road to make people aware of the wide-ranging accessibility that now exists on our public transport system. Stands included London City Airport, Dial-A-Ride and TfL’s mentoring service, who talked about their door-to-door services for the most vulnerable members of the capital.

The event was organised by my constituent, Michael Lloyd, who is passionate about helping those with physical disabilities access the capital and the work opportunities that can come from that. The event also covered invisible disabilities like dementia, with City Airport promoting their lanyard scheme that helps airport staff spot those who might need extra assistance. 

My team managed to secure from the Premier League two tickets for the event’s raffle to the disabled viewing area for a West Ham match, and the event was attended by Deputy Mayor for Transport, Heidi Alexander.