Design Refinement Consultation on Lower Thames Crossing

Last week, my team joined the Lower Thames Crossing (LTC) Parliamentary Forum to hear about the launch of their consultation on design refinements.

This public consultation is open from 14 July and will run to 23.59 on 12 August. LTC are proposing a number of refinements to the design of the project following feedback received from earlier consultations, discussions with local stakeholders and residents, ongoing design development and new technical data. They have highlighted the different ways constituents can respond to the consultation, which they suggested may be the final one held.



LTC’s proposals are available online here -

Constituents can also visit LTC’s online exhibition here -


Home delivery

Constituents can request printed copies of the guide to consultation and maps to be sent to their homes by calling LTC on 0300 123 5000 or by emailing them at

Should they wish to request the materials online then constituents can use the following link -



LTC have launched a telephone call back service where constituents can book an appointment to speak with a member of the project team who can answer questions on proposed changes. Constituents can call LTC on 0300 123 5000 (calls are charged at a local rate, and calls back will be free of charge) or book an appointment online -

I am aware that call backs will be made Monday to Friday, 12pm to 7pm, until 12 August.



LTC are also hosting four webinars which are open to all members of the public. The project team will talk through the proposed refinements and those attending can submit their questions to designers. These will be separated into webinars focusing on the South of the River and North of the River respectively.

  • South of the River: 20 and 30 July, starting 7pm.
  • North of the River: 21 and 29 July, starting 7pm.

Constituents can register for webinars using LTC’s consultation website -


Having your say

Constituents can submit a response by using one of the below methods, LTC have warned that they are unable to guarantee responses sent by other means, will be considered.

  • Telephone - Anyone can also book an appointment to speak to someone who can help them fill out a form over the phone, by calling LTC on 0300 123 5000.

I encourage all of those constituents who are interested in the LTC and may be affected by it to submit their views to the consultation.