Lockdown restrictions to be eased from 4 July

Constituents will be aware that, yesterday, the Prime Minister announced that there will be a further easing in the lockdown restrictions from Saturday 4 July.

The changes that the Prime Minister announced are in accordance with the Government's Covid-19 Recovery Strategy and can now be taken as the Government continues to meet the five tests for easing measures and the incidence of the virus in the community continues to decline.

Attached below this article is a copy of a letter that was circulated to all MPs and Peers by the Prime Minister, outlining the conclusions of the Government's review of the 2 metre social distancing rule and the restrictions that will be lifted as we move into step three of the Government's Covid-19 Recovery Strategy.

From 4 July, social distancing guidance will be that people should maintain a distance of 2 metres where possible, however, where this is not, they should keep a social distance of '1 metre plus'. This means that they should maintain a distance of 1 metre while taking other steps to mitigate the risk of transmission. Examples of the mitigation steps are included within the Prime Minister's letter and the guidance to businesses can be found here.

Within his letter the Prime Minister has outlined the restrictions that will be eased from 4 July, including restrictions on the size of gatherings, overnight stays and the reopening of businesses and community services.

Further guidance on staying alert and safe after the 4 July can be found here.

While not all activities will be able to resume, the Prime Minister advises that the Government will be working with industry taskforces within affected sectors to enable them to resume as swiftly as possible.

Finally, the Prime Minister has been clear in his letter that there will be flare-up of the virus which will require local measures to be taken. The Government will also re-introduce restrictions at a local or national level if required.

Constituents are encouraged to check the Government's Covid-19 portal for the latest advice and information: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus


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