Teaching Internet Safety at James Oglethorpe Primary

I had the pleasure of joining Parent Zone and Google's Be Internet Legends assembly at James Oglethorpe Primary School this morning as part of their wider campaign to keep children safe online. From scamming to trolling, the assembly highlighted some of the challenges of using the net safely but also gave the children fun and memorable tools to deal practically with any problems they come across.

By the end of the session, students had been taught how to construct a strong password, what kinds of information could be safely shared and the importance of treating others with kindness and respect online. 

The assembly is just one of the free tools offered to primary school teachers across the UK to encourage children, and their parents, to be safer and more confident online explorers.

So far the scheme has reached over a million children across the UK and resources from the assembly are available to view here together with more information about Be Internet Legends

It is vital that we teach children from a early age how to thrive in a digital age and I am pleased that Google and Parent Zone are leading the way on this important issue. It was great also to meet James Oglethorpe's head teacher, Mrs Durrant, as well as members of the school council.

Resource for Parents - The Be Internet Legends programme is designed to teach your child the skills they need to stay safe and have a positive time online. Your involvement at home can really help reinforce these key messages to help your child become more confident when exploring the online world.

Click here to play the Interland game with your kids.