Lower Thames Crossing - update from North Ockendon event

My team and I attended the November public consultation event on the Lower Thames Crossing (LTC) at St Mary Magdalene, North Ockendon, and introduced those residents most affected by the new road to the project’s Chief Executive, Tim. 

Teaching Internet Safety at James Oglethorpe Primary

I had the pleasure of joining Parent Zone and Google's Be Internet Legends assembly at James Oglethorpe Primary School this morning as part of their wider campaign to keep children safe online.

My speech in the Withdrawal Agreement debates

This is the speech that I made in parliament on the second day of the debates on the Withdrawal Agreement. I was not able to get through the final few paragraphs as a four-minute time limit was placed on speakers and I had to cut it down on the hoof. To watch my contribution, click here 

Daily Telegraph - The PM's deal slithers us into an indefinite limbo

‘Let’s get on with it’, concluded the Prime Minister in a recent letter to MPs selling the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. It is a seductive sentiment, and one which government hopes will persuade exasperated voters and equally weary MPs to unite behind the deal in time for a happy Christmas.

Daily Telegraph - Britain's Future Depends on a Better Settlement

Brexit presents a profound and complex challenge for our country and our politics. Yet seeing parliament reduce it at best to a problem to be mitigated, and at worst an existential threat that needs to be blocked, has been frustrating and dispiriting in equal measure.

Policing update - Meeting with Home Secretary, Sajid Javid

I know that a number of constituents are concerned about pressures on the police following recent street crime in our constituency. I wanted to make you aware of some of the ways in which I am acting upon those concerns in my work as a parliamentarian.

Remembrance Day in Hornchurch

Remembrance Day in Hornchurch was especially poignant this year as the nation marked the centenary of the end of the First World War.

Visit to St Ursula's Infant and Junior Schools

This morning the team and I had the pleasure of visiting St Ursula's Infant and Junior Schools, and talking to head teacher, Mr Craft, and head of governors, Alex Kearns.

Visit to Sanders School, Hornchurch

This morning the team and I had the pleasure of visiting Sanders School, off Suttons Lane, and talking to the school's new head teacher, Mr Brooks.