Better transport, safer communities and a greener environment

I am campaigning for:

- a more responsive, better funded police service with a presence across our borough.

- an improved road network including a long-term solution to Gallows Corner, less congestion at the Dartford Crossing, better road surfacing.

- a transport system that is more accessible to disabled and elderly residents, including a campaign for more lifts at our stations.

- regenerated housing estates with new homes of all tenures so that local families can stay close to one another.

- investment in local green spaces as compensation for the Lower Thames Crossing.


Travellers at the Morris Dancer pub

Following receipt of constituents’ emails about the arrival of a group of travellers at the former Morris Dancer pub, I contacted both the Chief Executive of Havering Council and the Borough Police Commander, Jason Gwillim, to ask what could be done to assuage residents’ concerns and to move the

South Essex MPs survey C2C passengers

South Essex MPs along the C2C line have got together to conduct a survey of C2C passengers in our constituencies. This morning my team and I began handing out surveys to commuters arriving at Upminster station and we will be out again soon. 

Latest updates on Ardleigh Green Bridge works

I have just received this update from TfL about the Ardleigh Green Bridge road works on the A127. In good news, the latest demolition works were successful, meaning that the second planned weekend closure of the road and rail will not need to go ahead at the end of June. 

Local homes built by local people

During the next ten years Havering Council is planning to build around 3,500 new homes for local people at affordable rents, low-cost home ownership and private sale, in one of the most ambitious local authority home building programmes in the country.

Fly Tipping Debate

I made the following contribution to a Westminster Hall debate on fly-tipping:

Julia Lopez Conservative, Hornchurch and Upminster  10:17 am, 17th April 2018

I thank my hon. Friend Neil Parish for providing us with the chance to discuss a hugely frustrating issue.