Westminster News

Daily Telegraph - The PM's deal slithers us into an indefinite limbo

‘Let’s get on with it’, concluded the Prime Minister in a recent letter to MPs selling the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. It is a seductive sentiment, and one which government hopes will persuade exasperated voters and equally weary MPs to unite behind the deal in time for a happy Christmas.

Daily Telegraph - Britain's Future Depends on a Better Settlement

Brexit presents a profound and complex challenge for our country and our politics. Yet seeing parliament reduce it at best to a problem to be mitigated, and at worst an existential threat that needs to be blocked, has been frustrating and dispiriting in equal measure.

Promise of more local homes as council cap scrapped

More Havering homes of all tenures could be on the way after the Prime Minister announced the scrapping of the cap on local council Housing Revenue Accounts in her speech to Conservative Party Conference.

MP joins RAF for Armed Forces Scheme

Our military personnel are often asked to make huge sacrifices in the service of our country, and as an MP I may be required to make critical decisions that will affect them. Meanwhile, it is the first duty of the state to ensure the protection of its citizens.

Romford Recorder Column

With parliament returning from recess next week, we enter a crucial period in our Brexit negotiations. The deadline for agreement on the terms of our EU withdrawal is timetabled for mid-October.

Local clergy visit parliament to discuss community services

This afternoon I welcomed a group of clergy to parliament from churches in Cranham, Upminster and Ardleigh Green in order to build a stronger link between our office and the local faith community, enabling them to highlight to us any problems brought to them by parishioners.