Celebrating young people at Swan’s Heather Court Foyer

This morning I joined Swan Housing Association to celebrate their Heather Court supported housing facility in Harold Wood achieving formal Foyer Federation endorsement through the FOR Youth accreditation. The accreditation celebrates the quality of the service Swan provides to the young residents who live at Heather Court.

Heather Court is a supported housing facility for young people aged 16-25. Many of the young people are in need of support for a variety of reasons when they first move into the Foyer and they are supported to independent living with a detailed support plan.

It was such a pleasure to visit the Foyer, hear about this model of housing support for young people and meet some of the Heather Court residents. The emphasis in all the support offered at Foyer is on responsibility, choice and a focus on each individual’s talents, helping young people believe in and take charge of their own positive destinies rather than to see themselves as hemmed in by insurmountable barriers. The young residents I met shared with me their aspirations – from starting a plumbing business, to becoming a boxing champion, trainer or musician – and also had a clear sense of what practical steps they needed to take to reach their goals. It was a privilege to be in their company and they have clearly benefited from the passion and dedication of Nathan and the fantastic team that run Heather Court.

The FOR Youth endorsement was awarded after a 12-month quality assurance process where the Heather Court team demonstrated their commitment to providing a consistent investment in young people. Advantaged Thinking, developed by the Foyer Federation, is a method which helps the young people to grow their confidence, identify their strengths and goals and supports them to success.

Pete Watts, Swan’s Director of Care and Support said “Foyers such as Heather Court are at the frontline of delivering crucial support to young people, at a time when they really need it. We are delighted to have achieved the FOR Youth Accreditation: FOR Youth Accreditation is awarded to Foyers who consistently deliver the highest levels of support for their young residents and are committed to a process of continuous improvement.”