Response to delays getting blood tests

A number of constituents have been in touch recently to express their frustration over delays in getting a blood test.

I took these concerns up with our local Clinical Commissioning Group who are tasked with commissioning health services like blood tests in the borough. I received the below reply from the CCG's Managing Director, Ceri Jacobs, who has explained why there have been some problems recently. 

She has also highlighted a 12 week public consultation that will be held later this year that will include proposals to help shape future phlebotomy services to better manage demand, improve access, and improve equality across the three boroughs.

This consultation will ask constituents for their views on when services need to be available, suitable locations, and whether booking appointments would improve patient experience.

This will include looking at:

  • Extending opening hours at Queen’s Hospital to include evenings and weekends
  • Changing to single providers at both Elm Park Clinic and the Victoria Centre
  • Pilot an appointments system at Queen’s Hospital and King George Hospital

Ceri has also advised that the review will look at proposals to re-open the phlebotomy service at South Hornchurch Health Centre in October 2019.

The consultation has not yet been launched however we will be sure to publicise it once it has been announced. I would be grateful if responding constituents could inform me of their own responses so that I may reflect upon their comments within my own contribution.




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